Born in California ~ Made in the USA

DESO is the art form of getting lost. That art form translated into a project that ripened in Desolation Wilderness -- a shamanic trip through the vast nothingness shared with a crew of DIY-minded wild spirits digging into anything that isn’t standard. Deso combines the frustrations of a whole generation who’s demanding authenticity. We're finding resolve in a cool cocktail of design, nature, and travel, resulting in designs that provide function-driven daily wearability.

Bulk garment manufacturing can often overlook quality in an effort to produce large-scale quantities in a timely manner.  Too many overseas factories have awful working conditions and unlivable wages.  We opted for domestic manufacturing in order to oversee the product development life cycle and development a genuine relationship with the humans producing our garments.  The quality of our garments comes from experienced sewers that are paid a livable wage and work in healthy conditions right in the heart of San Francisco, CA.  We source materials from the most reliable high-end manufacturers in the world whose values and standards align with ours.  We pride ourselves on attention to detail and direct our focus towards creating truly unique garments in small enough quantities that you will seldom, if ever, find another person wearing the same piece as you.