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DESO stands in solidarity with the Black community and ALL people of color in the fight against state-sanctioned violence and systemic anti-Black racism that exists in America and across the globe.

We recognize our responsibility to educate ourselves on institutionalized racism. We recognize that racism is rooted in our nation’s history, that inequality has existed for hundreds of years, and that the injustice, pain, and suffering it has caused will not be eliminated overnight. We recognize our duty to unpack the reality of white fragility and learn to confront uncomfortable conversations. We recognize that it is not okay to say that because ‘we are not affected by this,’ or ‘we haven’t witnessed this’ – that it is not our problem or that we are not racist.

The outdoor industry is notorious for lacking participation from the BIPOC community.  We are committed to meeting the challenge of this movement to meaningfully contribute to the process of change. We have begun by educating ourselves, by listening to the voices calling for change, evaluating our role in the outdoor industry, and discussing relevant and actionable ways to help provide inclusion and equality in the outdoor space. As a small, boot-strapped, independent brand, we face a unique challenge in creating short-term measurable change, but we are committed to making a difference and are here with open ears.

We encourage our supporters to join us in the fight against racism – not just today, or this month, but until racial inequality is a thing of the past. Please join us in sharing your thoughts, feedback, and especially your ideas on how DESO can help make a difference –