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Climate Neutral Certified

Here’s the question we ask ourselves: Do you feel good about the work you’re doing? ….. And the conclusion we keep drawing is that we can do more.

As a small brand, we know that we can’t right all wrongs.. But we also know that our actions create reactions that we’re accountable for. We decided to become Climate Neutral Certified because we recognize that we must do everything in our small corner of the world to be a catalyst for positive change. This is one small step that we hope will make waves far beyond our reach.

To become Climate Neutral Certified, we measured our yearly greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchased carbon credits to offset our impact and implemented strategic carbon reduction plans across various channels of our business from manufacturing to ecommerce. 

In 2021 we’re committing to the removal of 95% of single use plastic in online orders, and in 2020 we began to shift away from traditional cottons in favor of more sustainable fabrics like hemp and recycled polyester.

“Climate Neutral Certified companies show the world that immediate action on climate change is possible and essential.”

- Austin Whitman CEO Climate Neutral