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By Sabrina Hunt

Virginia City - A Step Back In Time

A five-minute drive from one end of downtown to the other, seven with traffic, Virginia City isn’t at the top of everyone’s bucket list. But, any good traveler knows that there’s no such thing as a flyover city and everyone who’s ventured, knows to keep it on the radar. Perfect for those who feel nostalgic reminiscing over their fifth-grade gold rush field trip, prefer a saloon to a cocktail bar, or simply appreciate a genuine slice of the old wild west, Virginia City is most certainly worth a visit. The following is your field guide to 1855. Before you pass the Virginia City welcome sign, you’re going to want to know a little about the town’s history. Back in its day, the most...

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By Eric Liddle

The High Desert Hitter - Honey Agave Margarita

This summer we teamed up with Camarena Tequila to create the Reach for Adventure capsule collection. With daily winners and a grand prize sending people on a surprise trip, there’s a lot to be excited about. But since we made a ton of great gear and not EVERYONE wins, we figured we might as well throw in our favorite margarita recipe to do justice. Next time you’re headed out for a weekend escape or navigating the 4:55pm slip, give this one a go. With Reno getting warmer and our farming neighbors starting to plant drought resistant crops like Agave, we decided to mix in a little home town flavor into this high desert cocktail. Introducing The Honey Agave Margarita. Mix one up and...

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By Ransom & Casey Richardson

The Alvord Desert

We had heard good things about this spot, but were mostly setting off into the unknown. What we found was sheer, raw beauty. 

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By Brandon Alves

Keeping the Options Open

The surrounding mountains were lit up by a pink sky as I slowly stepped out of my cocoon and on to the helicopter pad where we would fly to our home for the week at Whitecap Alpine lodge. With the helicopter stuffed with a weeks worth of grub and gear, we lifted off into the dense mountain range.

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