As much as we're drawn to the mountains, we have an undeniable thirst for the sea. It's the California dream ~ surf at sunrise, ski into the sunset ~ a feat accomplished by few.

So just as you would expect, when we first picked up Volume 1 of Slope & Swell magazine, we instantly knew we had to meet the team behind this inspiring publication. 

Fumbling through what felt like speed dating for small businesses, our call with Courtney and Tam, the founders of Slope & Swell Magazine, quickly led us to realize that we had more in common than just a shared passion for the outdoors. Hailing from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and being profound lovers of the central coast, the founders quickly found common ground and before long, were reminiscing of trips to the biggest mountains in North America and the unimaginably long bus rides that went along with them.

It was decidedly settled. We were joining forces ~ and a new friendship was born.

Lost in Color, the product of our partnership, tells a short story of Deso founder Jordan Basile's travels through Guatemala in search of design inspiration.

The story weaves a wandering path through the mind of a creator looking to venture outside his daily grind and push his boundaries of clothing design. 

Finding inspiration abroad is one of the many curiosities that Deso and Slope & Swell share and it quickly became the common thread in our conversations. 

"In my world, dyes come from plastic bottles, but in the back of the shops crowding the main road of San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala, I found families of artisans, breaking down plant parts to create some of the most beautifully vibrant color I've ever seen." 

You can read all about the trip and Jordan's creative process by picking up a copy of Slope & Swell Magazine Volume III. You'll also find a collection of beautiful photographs and inspiring articles from across the world. We highly suggest picking up a copy - and gifting one to a friend this Holiday season.


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