“Exposed to the elements, the landscape is raw, desolate and incredible. There’s nothing around apart from tropical heaving coastlines. Sitting out in the equatorial warm water, you realize that there’s nothing between you and finding peace amongst chaos and freedom. In between sets, it can be incredibly calming, as you clear your mind of all thought, just be in the moment…”

You know who you are, or at least you are learning about yourself. You know your habits and routines when in a comfortable environment, like home. Home is where family and friends tend to be. Home is where life is easy. Home is where love comes to bloom. They say that home is where the heart is, but you can learn a lot about your heart while away from home. Some people get too comfortable at home. People can lose themselves and drift from their true self. It’s where we trade in adventure and the thrill of uncertainty for stability and familiarity. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who thrive at home and have created amazing lives without serious exploration. There is nothing wrong with settling down into a home what so ever, and I feel like we all need to do so, but before you do, it’s important to find time to leave home and experience. Find time to find. By witnessing other people's home, it allows you to learn about yourself and what you truly desire. It’s the little things you experience that can give you perspective. Take your home with you as you experience a much different approach to this thing we call living while you are able to. Dive into the different cultures and really dig deep and ask, who am I when I leave home?

People travel for many reasons. When traveling, I see people who take too much of their home with them. They filter themselves from the experience. They have too many expectations. The exceptions build up and if the expectations aren’t met, then it was a failed trip. They bring too much of the person they already know with them. For us, the best thing about traveling is stripping yourself of any routines, habits and expectations you may have. Nobody knew who you were before they met you traveling in this new place, so be who you want to be. That’s the beauty of traveling, letting loose (in a respectful manner that is). By detaching from your ‘real life’ you will connect with your inner self. You link up with your core. You will connect with a part of yourself that had been pushed aside during the day to day grind of ‘real life’. You'll find yourself saying “hello,” and “good morning” to everyone, and waving at the few other cars on the road. You know, acknowledging other humans for being human. Once you find that inner self, savor it for as long as you possibly can. Take advantage of it. Try being that person you were while traveling until the next time you explore, or at least until that fire and glow is blown out by the strong gusts of ‘real life’. Explore often, so that inner self isn’t a stranger. Finding that inner self will allow you to find your pace. Have you thought about your pace?

We all have our own pace, our own metronome, if you will. Finding people that carry the same pace is essential in life. Those people will push you to your limits, but will also know when it’s time to chill. They share an understanding with you of how life is supposed to be lived. They get it like you get it. These are the people that you could go years without seeing, and when you finally see them again it’s like nothing had changed. Those are people who you need to surround yourself with, because those people will be your friends forever. Finding your pace is so important.  Pace is bigger than the overall speed of things. It deals with your involvement with experiences on a day to day basis and how you approach them. Pace relates to burning out and wasting time. If the pace is too fast for you, you will burn out. If the pace is too slow you will be wasting very valuable time. Everyone should have a goal to find a pace that suits them, so you don’t burn out or waste time. We notice that surrounding yourself with people that carry the same pace is essential for happiness and living the purest life. You will enjoy life more if you’re spending it with like paced individuals.  You will experience more. You will learn more. You will be happier. We realized that traveling and meeting new people helps you find your pace. Exposing yourself to other paces and places allows you to hone in a pace that is perfect for you.

In essence. Leave home, but don’t forget where you came from. Let loose. Be open to experiences and other people from different places. Visit your inner self. Find your pace. Love and be happy.

"We are among a wild crew of enthusiasts—a brave new class pursuing our passions. In a new way of life interpretation, we are eager to shine light on what these passions mean to us. Our interpretation is a community built of enthusiasts, living and creating the subcultures that connect us all. Nomadic explorations of Nicaragua is our handsome interpretation of spontaneously fast times on liquid mountains and daily vibrations over earth’s rugged roads. It’s our return to the simplistic form of the life that we live, becoming more authentic through each excursion."

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